10 Surprising Things You Can Rent In Tokyo

Suitcase Rentals

From ¥3,700〜

Perfect for infrequent travelers who don’t want to waste limited storage space in their apartment. A range of suitcases are available in various sizes, styles and brands. Simply select your preference and required dates, then the case will be delivered to your door.

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Middle Age Man Rental

¥1,000 per hour

For a very reasonable ¥1,000, you can hire a man between the ages of 45-55. For what purpose? Whatever you like! Some of their previous requests include chatting, listening to complaints, filling in as a sports partner and being a camping companion.

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Christmas Tree Rentals

¥5,000-¥10,000 for 30 days

If you want to celebrate Christmas in style, but don’t have space to store bulky seasonal items for 11 months of the year, you can rent an artificial Christmas tree, with all the trimmings! Each tree includes decorations, LED lights, all delivered to your door with free shipping.

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Apology Service


Nothing says an apology as meaningful as hiring someone else to apologize to you. Examples of this unique company’s work include apologizing to customers, disgruntled neighbors and soon to be ex-spouses. Apologies can be made face to face, by telephone or by letter, for a more personal touch.

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Baby Goods Rental

From ¥5,000〜

Considering the rapid speed of babies grow and develop, renting the appropriate equipment for their ever-changing needs makes perfect sense! Rental items include cribs, high chairs, baby monitors and pushchairs. Goods can be delivered and even assembled for you!

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Wedding Dress Rental


After the big day, many wedding dresses end up being stored away, never to be used again. A rental wedding dress offers the eco-friendly benefits of being deep-cleaned, and loved by another bride. You can even rent shoes and accessories!

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Furniture Rental

Packages from ¥5,000-¥90,000

It can be expensive to furnish a new apartment, especially for short stays. Azabu Interiors offers rental packages for complete rooms or individual items, from beds to cushions. If you get attached to your furniture, you can purchase it after the rental period for a reduced price.

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DIY Tool Rental

¥330 – ¥1320

Full of ideas but lacking the tools? At Kohnan you can rent different tools with interchangeable heads to suit your purpose. Heads include drill drivers, vibration drills and saw heads. Available to rent from 30 different stores around Tokyo.

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Allotment Rental

¥6,000 – ¥9,000

For all you green thumbs living in the concrete jungle, vulnerable an allotment might be the nature escape you’re looking for. Each Share Batake site has seeds, fertilizers and gardening tools on hand to save you the trouble of bringing them from home.

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Wedding Guest Rentals


If there’s a large gap in the number of guests on your side compared to your spouse, wedding guest rentals can supply guests to boost numbers for you! For an extra ¥10,000 the attendees can give a heartfelt speech about your supposed past experiences together.

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