Faye Travel Insurance Review March 2024

Our team surveyed dozens of travel insurance providers and created a scoring system to judge each company based on coverage, quality and service. We also collected sample quotes from each company, both over the phone and on the internet, to simulate an authentic customer experience. Here are the factors we take into consideration when rating providers:

  • Cost (10%): To determine a baseline average travel insurance cost, we gathered quotes from each travel insurance company based on different traveler profiles. Travel insurance companies at or below our calculated average cost of $221 earn full points in this category. Specifically, we obtained quotes for the following trips

    • A 30-year-old couple takes a $5,000 vacation to Mexico.
    • A family of four takes an $8,000 vacation to Mexico.
    • A 65-year-old couple takes a $7,000 vacation to the United Kingdom.
    • A 30-year-old couple takes a $7,000 trip to the United Kingdom.
    • A 19-year-old takes a $2,000 trip to France.
    • A 27-year-old couple takes a $1,200 trip to Greece.
    • A 51-year-old couple takes a $2,000 trip to Spain.

  • Plan availability (10%): We look for insurers with a variety of travel insurance plans and the ability to customize a policy with coverage upgrades.
  • Coverage details (29%): We review the baseline coverage each company offers in its cheapest comprehensive plan. A provider with robust coverage earns full points, including baggage delay and loss, COVID-19 coverage, emergency evacuation and medical coverage, trip delay and cancellation coverage, and more. Companies also receive points for offering a variety of policy add-ons such as accidental death and dismemberment, extreme sports, valuable items, cancel for any reason coverage and more.
  • Coverage times and amounts (34%): We compare each company’s waiting periods and maximum reimbursement amounts for baggage, travel and weather delays. Companies that offer customers reimbursement after fewer than 12 hours of delays earn full points in this category. We also reward travel insurance providers that cover more than 100% of trip costs in the event of cancellations or interruptions.
  • Company service and reviews (17%): We look for indicators that a company is well-prepared to respond to customer needs. Companies with an established global resource network, 24/7 emergency hotline, mobile app, multiple ways to file a claim and concierge services score higher in this category. We assess reputation by evaluating consumer reviews, third-party financial strength and customer experience ratings, specifically from AM Best and the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

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