More than 100 million visitors in 2023 for Saudi Arabia

The total number of visitors in 2023, both domestic and international, reached 106.2 million in 2023. This represents an increase of 56% compared to 2019 and a 12% surge compared to 2022. Also last year, the number of international visitors reached 27.4 million , a 56% increase from 2019 and a 65% rise compared to 2022.

Tourism is proving to be a significant contributor for Saudi Arabia, with domestic and international tourists spending over 250 billion riyals (approx. Cdn$90 billion) in 2023. This expenditure represents over 4% of GDP and 7% of the non-oil GDP.

“This announcement demonstrates the scale of our transformation since the National Tourism Strategy was launched five years ago. Tourism is a key pillar in the nation’s economic transformation under Vision 2030, creating jobs and revenue for the Kingdom. “We thank both UN Tourism and WTTC as valued partners in our journey for their shared commitment to a sustainable and prosperous tourism sector,” said HE Minister Ahmed Al Khateeb.

He added: “The tourism ecosystem continues to operate in line with the national tourism strategy by developing diverse tourist destinations. Our aim is to enrich the experiences of tourists, diversify options for both local and international visitors, and enhance hospitality facilities along with other services provided. We are committed to aligning with top-tier international experiences and practices. This approach contributes to shaping a prosperous future for our tourism industry, improving the quality of life, and bolstering the Kingdom’s position on the global tourism map.”