REVEALED: This is the ‘World’s Most Overcrowded Tourist Destination’ of 2023, Phuket

REVEALED: This is the 'World's Most Overcrowded Tourist Destination' of 2023

You won’t be shocked to know that which place has topped the chart of being the world’s most overcrowded destination for 2023! In a research conducted by, the Thai island of Phuket was given the title of the world’s most overcrowded tourist destination of 2023! Now that the travel world is back to its pre-pandemic time, famous places are once again struggling with overtourism. On the top of the list is Thailand’s Phuket, followed by Pattaya and Krabi. It is one of Thailand’s most popular getaways and is especially famous for those seeking a beach holiday and a place that hosts some of the world’s most famous parties.

The situation has gone so bad in some places that the government has been forced to implement measures to control tourist numbers.

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REVEALED: This is the 'World's Most Overcrowded Tourist Destination' of 2023

Bali is also one of those places that has put several bans on tourist activity to control overtourism. In Europe, Venice, Athens and Amsterdam have also introduced measures to save their land from crowds. Several tourist taxes have been introduced in Venice while the Acropolis in Athens, Greece has decided to put a cap on the number of daily visitors. On the other hand, Austrian residents have started protesting about the over numbers of visitors.

Talking about the UK, the gorgeous Edinburgh Castle has become the most overcrowded tourist attraction while Bath is the most overcrowded city.

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But, coming back to Phuket, it’s a no brainer surprise. This Thai island is home to over 90 km of coastline. Kata and Karon here are two of the most stunning beaches in the world, attracting tourists from across the globe! These beaches are also popular with scuba divers, but also have a plethora of colorful markets and amazing seafood restaurants.

According to the study, the island hosts some 118 tourists for every local resident. The second and third spots on the list are taken by Pattaya and Krabi, respectively.

Here are the top 10 overcrowded destinations in the world:

Phuket, Thailand
Pattaya, Thailand
Krabi, Thailand
Mugla, Turkey
Hurghada, Turkey
Macau, China
Heraklion, Greece
Venice, Italy
Rhodes, Greece
Miami, USA

  1. What is Phuket famous for?
    Phuket is noted for its exotic beaches, colorful night markets and it’s a party hub.
  2. What is the best time to visit Phuket?
    The best time to visit Phuket is between November and April. This is the right time to enjoy snorkeling and other activities in the region.
  3. What is the off-season for visiting Phuket?
    Phuket’s off-season season starts from June and ends around October. This is the time when the beaches are less crowded.