RV Vacations Emerging as Major Summer Travel Trend

Donald Wood

by Donald Wood
Last updated: 8:50 AM ET, Tue May 21, 2024

As people in the United States prepare for the Memorial Day holiday and the unofficial start of summer, a new survey found that an estimated 45 million Americans will take a vacation in a recreational vehicle (RV) this year.

According to data collected by Go RVing, 18 million travelers are specifically planning to embark on RV trips alone this Memorial Day weekend. Another 50 percent of leisure travelers expressed interest in an RV trip sometime within the next year, regardless of the season.

The survey from Go RVing found that one of the biggest reasons for hitting the open road is the freedom to explore at their own pace, while RVs offering the comforts of home while on the go was a major contributing factor.

“RVing offers a unique combination of freedom, adventure, and value,” Go RVing Chief Marketing Officer Karen Redfern said. “With the rising costs of traditional travel, more and more Americans are discovering that RVing provides a budget-friendly way to explore the country and create unforgettable memories.”

Other key factors include previous positive experiences, the ability to better connect with nature, and affordability compared to traditional hotel stays. As for how far people are willing to travel when driving an RV, 52 percent of Americans are planning trips between 4-7 hours from home, indicating a preference for regional exploration.

Another 33 percent are opting for shorter getaways, with at least one RV trip planned within three hours of their home.

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