Spain is 2024’s most sustainable travel destination, according to Lonely Planet — idealista/news

Spain leads the list of the most sustainable countries to travel to in 2024, followed by Chile, Argentina and Greenland, according to the ‘Best in Travel 2024’ list created by Lonely Planetcelebrating its 50th anniversary.

The famous travel guide publisher explained, “Spain is making enormous strides in boosting off-season travel to spread visitors across the year and to encourage travel to overlooked destinations”.

Specifically, ‘Best in Travel 2024’ is the 19th edition of this annual selection that brings together 50 destinations divided into five categories: countries, regions, cities, sustainable and value.

Moreover, Spain also features in the category “best regions to travel to in 2024″, with the Basque Country ranking fifth.

On the other hand, Mongolia is considered the best countrythe Trans Dinarics Cycling Route in the Western Balkans tops the regions category, Nairobi (Kenya) is the best city, and the Midwest (USA) is the best value destination.

For Lonely Planet’s senior vice president of content and executive editor, Nitya Chambers‘Best in Travel’ is Lonely Planet’s approach to inspiring travelers, and responds to travelers’ urgent enthusiasm to explore the world authentically and following local advice, always prioritizing the sustainability values”.