Tips For Your Family Cruise

An Arctic cruise promises to be a dream vacation for any family. Beautiful stark white scenery, incredible wildlife, and thrilling adventures await.

But before you book your trip and head North, there are a few important preparations to make the most of your trip.

Here are some North Pole Holiday tips for planning a safe and enjoyable family cruise.

North Pole Holiday

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Get Your Documents In Order

Your flights to the embarkation point, as well as your North Pole cruise, may pass through certain territories that require visas.

This depends on your nationality as well, so be sure to check this with your cruise organizer way ahead of time.

Don’t forget, your children will need passports too. If they’ve never traveled out of the country with you, they probably don’t have any.

It takes time to apply for a passport, so get that sorted out as soon as you start considering the trip.

Make copies of any documents so that, should any go missing for whatever reason during your trip, you still have proof of identity.

Keep your plane tickets for after the cruise in a waterproof sleeve, and leave them on the ship when you are sent off to do some polar exploration.

Preserve Those Memories

If the North Pole doesn’t feature on your family’s travel bucket list, we’re certain you’ll add it by the end of this article. You may never have this opportunity again.

Most people only dream of going on a North Pole holiday. Don’t let the opportunity pass you by to get some breathtaking photos and videos of your adventures.

North Pole Holiday

A North Pole holiday isn’t spent solely on an icebreaker ship. You’ll get to do some activities the whole family, especially the kids, will love.

An Arctic cruise will allow on-ice exploration, helicopter rides, and even hot-air balloon sightseeing. What breathtaking views you’ll have!

Your kids will treasure those holiday snaps when you’re no longer with them in the future. Also, it’ll give them lots to show and tell when they return to school after their holidays.

Be a responsible tourist. The North Pole is a beautiful and largely unspoiled region.

Keep it that way, by teaching your children how important it is to leave a carbon-neutral footprint. And explain the importance of respecting the local wildlife, too.

Don’t Forget These Essentials

It’s so easy to get caught up in the excitement, that you forget about the essentials for any cruise. Sunscreen is a must. Even in the polar regions, you can get sunburn.

Children’s skin is more sensitive, so be sure to stress the importance of good UV protection.

Icy cold weather means chapped skin and lips, so a good moisturizer or barrier cream, and chapstick, are other essentials you’ll need.

North Pole Holiday

While you’re picking these up at the drugstore, get some nasty meds too. Any cruise, even the North Pole one, can cause a bout of discomfort.

If your children aren’t keen on taking tablets, get them sea sickness bands to wear on their wrists.

These drug-free alternatives are safe and effective at preventing sickness so that the whole family can have a good time.

Pack For Extreme Weather

When packing your family’s clothes for your North Pole Holiday, it’ll be similar to what you pack for a ski trip.

Of course, the North Pole is cold. Icy cold. That means you’ll have to pack in thermal wear, as well as wool socks, gloves and beanies. Protective eyewear is another item you’ll need out there on ice and snow.

Don’t forget that young children are naturally boisterous, and don’t feel the cold as keenly as adults.

They may overheat quickly, so include items that can be layered and added or removed as needed. The exception here is very young children, especially babies.

This is not an ideal holiday for carrying an infant around. You won’t have your hands free, and they’re too young to appreciate it.

Besides, babies are far more sensitive to extreme temperatures than older children. Postpone the trip until they’re older, or get your relatives to look after the baby of the family.

Use The Trip As A Life Lesson For Your Kids

The North Pole is the northernmost point of the earth’s axis of rotation, but it isn’t a stationary spot. The geographical North Pole shifts over time.

However, a cruise to the North Pole will allow you to discover the polar regions, as well as the geographic North Pole.

Use this cruise as an opportunity to teach your children about Earth’s many different climatic zones, and the effects of climate change. If you do this, a North Pole holiday becomes more than just a family vacation.

It has the potential to be the most educational and adventurous trip your children will ever have, with memories to last a lifetime. Make the most of it. Encourage them to ask questions.

Their generation will have to tackle climate change issues head-on. Help them to understand the significance of their legacy.

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