Top 10 travel insurance companies

While it is not a requirement, travel insurance is becoming a necessity, according to US News & World Report, which noted the costs of a policy are based on several factors, including the age of those taking the trip and the total cost of the journey .

While consumers are considering traveling and policies to cover those trips that are returning, anticipates the development of COVID-specific travel coverages. However, it will be critical to discuss these coverages and their exclusions with clients.

For example, if the destination that you’re traveling to is requiring you to quarantine for a period of time upon entry, you could be eligible for trip cancellation coverage, Johnson adds.

Additionally, there is potentially some confusion among people regarding what cancellation policies cover, according to, which noted these policies tend to cover events outside of the consumers’ control and not things such as a fear of travelling.

The above slideshow highlights, in no particular order, the highest-rated travel insurance company according to US News & World Report review.